The Clearinghouse of North Carolina School Law digests recent state and federal opinions that affect North Carolina. The facts and legal conclusions contained in the digests are summaries of the facts and legal conclusions set forth in judicial opinions. Each digest includes a citation to the relevant judicial opinion so interested readers may read the opinion’s actual text. Neither the Clearinghouse editor nor the School of Government takes a position as to the truth of the facts as presented in the opinions or the merits of the legal conclusions reached by any court. The digests are not updated after their publication. Rather, new digests will be posted if there are significant subsequent opinions issued in the same or a related matter. Currently, the Clearinghouse contains content from 1989-present.

From 1970-2008, Clearinghouse was published as part of School Law Bulletin magazine, together with substantive school law articles. In 2009, School Law Bulletin became a free, online bulletin series and articles are now published as part of that series. You may access the free online School Law Bulletin series, back issues of School Law Bulletin magazine published from 1997-2008, and Indexes covering 1970 through 2007, at this link.